Herman Miller

Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Our passion is to provide the most exquisite luxury interiors according to our client’s expectations and design.

Task Chairs

Express 2: Modern And Functional
Lino – Comfort And Value
Mira 2 – For Constant Motion
Setu – Instant Comfort
Verus – Cost Effective And Comfortable

Executive Chairs

Cosm- Instant Comfort
Embody : Intelligent And Healthy

Multipurpose Chairs

Caper Stacking Chair : Coulourful And Casual
Kayn Side Chair – Responsive Movement
Sayl Side Chair – Smart Engineering
Setu Side Chair – Shaped For People
Verus Side Chair

Lounge and Sofas

Bolster Sofa –Inviting
Striad Lounge Chair And Ottoman
Striad Sofas : Versatile And Private
Swoop Lounge Chair – Casual And Modular
Wireframe Sofa – Strength And Durability


Aeron Stool- Stool Redefine
Caper Mutipurpose Stool
Celle Stool-Dependable And Hardworking
Cosm Stool – Instant Comfort Everywhere
Lino Stool – Comfort And Value
Mira 2 Stool – Anywhere, Anytime
Sayl Stool – Support And Freedom
Setu Stool – Shaped And Reshaped For You
Verus Stool – Comfort And Support